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Monday January 13, 2014

The story of 2014 is beginning very positively for Metafork and myself in particular. I was recently asked to contribute a chapter in the internationally published book “Success in Business”, edited by well-known English writer and editor Kizzi Nkwocha. In the chapter, I outline some insights for new business starters on seeing their new venture as an opportunity to become a life calling, and further to impact a wide audience who will become their greatest advocates.

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An excerpt from my chapter:

Connecting to your business, then connecting to the world

The following chapter is, put directly, about Brands and Branding in this instance, the B words. This is not a traditional marketing rant by normal standards. Despite the fact that I run a brand design business in the marketing industry, I am generally resentful of mainstream marketing and the way it has influenced modern mankind. My approach is to consciously work from within an often-exploitative system, against the grain, to transform each of my clients’ views of their brand and business, to one of two-way purpose and social responsibility. The real point of this perspective you are reading is more about considering your business as a vehicle to contribute something profound to your life and the life of others – to open your eyes to the way the system works, to then utilise it in a respectful manner through your business, understanding your responsibilities as a contributor to modern culture and an influencer of people. It operates to open your awareness to an often-unknown area of commercial practice and draw your attention to the importance of connection and self-awareness – to look beyond business as only money. Let me explain an existing issue with the B words in detail. ‘Branding’ or ‘brand’ are amongst the most misused and misunderstood terms in the commercial realm, and shamefully even, in marketing, communication and design spheres. Hordes of marketers, advertising executives and graphic designers perhaps in misguided attempts to explain their work to uninterested, confused people, have likely propagated the B misnomer. Many of the so-called professionals here have some serious competency questions to answer for in this regard. Cryptic and often unintelligible explanations on company websites and at business seminars attempt to explain the elusive ‘brand’ through nineteen-odd diagrams composed of more arrows than you’ll find in 15th century Sherwood Forest. And most general encyclopaedias or dictionaries won’t help you get it either. There is mass-confusion and misunderstanding around the B words, so this chapter will seek to make this topic as easy to comprehend as possible…